Visitors from Universidade Nova de Lisboa‐Erasmus+

Based on the Erasmus+, Assistant Professor Pedro Cabral of Information Management School, Paulo Costa, an administrative officer of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, visited Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University from the 29th May for a week.

On the first day, they gave a courtesy call on Prof. Shinji, Dean of Faculty of Engineering. They introduced their universities and exchanged their opinion about the future relationship between 2 parties on Erasmus+.

Then they moved to Yoshida Campus, which is the main campus of Yamaguchi University located in Yamaguchi City, and met Advisor to the Vice President Tomimoto who is in charge of International Cooperation Affairs, and visited the facilities in the campus.

Furthermore, Prof. Cabral gave a lecture on “Geographical Information Science and Technology: Applications to coastal hazards” in English. Audiences are students of Information Systems Engineering Course, Division of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering, Graduate School of Sciences and Technology for Innovation, who were all ears and worked hard in the lecture.

In addition, they interacted with both academic and administrative staffs, our students, and international students and observed lectures conducted in English.

We have accepted 5 students and academic and administrative staffs from the university so far, and another visiting plan will be achieved this July. We expect our further continuous relationship each other in the future.