"Halal Food Recommended Menu" introduction event held

On August 3 (Thu.), a "Halal Food Recommended Menu" introduction event was held in Yoshida Campus Cafeteria 1 "Buono."

The event had been considered after a request was received in May of this year from an international student from Bangladesh regarding the serving of halal food and the provision of a place of worship.

International students from Bangladesh and Indonesia and their families participated the event, and in a greeting address given on behalf of the international students, HASAN KAZI LUTFUL said, "I am delighted that we will be able to take our meals in the student cafeteria with peace of mind." Masaaki Oka, the President of the university, spoke about how significant it was: "At a university where from a diverse range of backgrounds all diligently study together with and from each other, it is important to create an environment in which it will be easy to study as an international student." After that, the participants enjoyed a green curry and some oven-roasted chicken.

Halal food means meals in which everything from the ingredients to the preparation methods are permitted by Islamic law, and their introduction has become a reality through a process that has included discussions with Muslim international students, tasting events, and confirming the preparation methods.

Furthermore, in order to support international students' use of the student cafeterias, halal food menu items will be indicated using a "Halal Recommended Mark," which has been created through collaboration between Muslim international students and the University Co-op.

The food will be begin to be served officially starting from October 2 (Mon.), the first day of the second semester, in Yoshida Campus Cafeteria 1 "Buono" and Tokiwa Campus Cafeteria.

Also, with regard to a place of worship, the conversation room on the first floor of International House has been made ready so that students of various faiths can use it.

As of May 1 of this year, there are 403 international students at the university (among whom 86 are from Islamic countries), and further developments toward internationalization are anticipated.


Menu items served 

Chicken yellow curry          450 yen, weekly rotation

Chicken green curry                 450 yen, weekly rotation

Chicken Massaman curry          450 yen, weekly rotation

Halal oven-roasted chicken       108 yen, every day 


 International student representative

 Hasan Kazi, holding a green curry and

 a "Halal Recommended Mark"