President Oka Visits China’s Shandong University

 On October 17 (Tue) and 18 (Wed), a group including President  Masaaki Oka, Trustee and Vice President (Academic and Student affairs) Takamasa Fukuda and the Dean of the Graduate School of East Asian Studies Ge Qi Wei visited Shandong University in China.    

  Shandong University is the first overseas university that our university concluded an academic exchange agreement with in 1983, which is 34 years ago. On the 17th (Tue), they visited Shandong University's "Qingdao Campus", which was newly opened last September, and made a courtesy visit to Vice President Zhang Yongbing. Vice President Zhang spoke of his aspirations, saying that as a future goal, he wanted to make the Qingdao campus a base for international exchange, to gather human resources with advanced skills from all over the world, and to build a campus where twenty thousand students study.

  On the 18th (Wed), the group paid a courtesy call on President, Fan Liming, who took up her position as the new president of Shandong University in July this year, and had a discussion about future exchange development. With the academic exchange agreement signing ceremony between the two universities held on the day, they confirmed that they will take steps together toward the 50th anniversary of academic exchange through ties between the two universities whose names share the Chinese character "mountain." That night, a social gathering of the Yamaguchi University Overseas Alumni Association China Shandong Chapter was held, and alumni from a wide range of generations gathered and had a great conversation about when they were studying abroad and doing research at Yamaguchi University. Yamaguchi University students who are currently on exchange at Shandong University also attended the social gathering, and deepened their interactions with the Yamaguchi University alumni members.

  Shandong University is a national university located in Shandong, China, and one of China's leading comprehensive universities, with large campuses in Jinan, Qingdao, and Weihai. Over the 30 years from the concluding of the agreement up to the present day, Shandong University and Yamaguchi University have kept up a wide variety of exchanges, including short- and long-term student exchanges, researcher exchanges, and staff training. This May, we selected Shandong University as one of our “priority universities for cooperation,” and a group led by Professor Takahisa Uemura and Professor Ge of the Graduate School of East Asian Studies and Professor Yang Luhui, Director of Shandong University Institute of Asia Pacific Studies, has been progressing with research collaborations regarding East Asian social system science. Focusing on this "priority universities for cooperation" project, we will promote close exchange with Shandong University in terms of researcher exchange as well as student exchange.

  Yamaguchi University will continue to value cooperation with overseas partner universities, and to develop together while building each other up.


             A signing ceremony                             Shandong University's President Fan

                                                                                   and President Oka


Shandong University's Vice President Zhang                Photo of Qingdao Campus

               and President Oka                                         taken from the library


   A discussion with Shandong University             At Shandong University Qilu Hospital