Japan-China-South Korea University Presidents' Meeting Held

 On December 15 (Fri), at Yamaguchi University Tokiwa campus, a Japan-China-South Korea university presidents' meeting was held with the theme "Next Generation Interdisciplinary Education: Across Humanities and Techs." The meeting was organized to coincide with the Creative Engineering Design Competition (CEDC) and International Conference of Innovative Application Research and Education (ICIARE), which was held on Tokiwa Campus on December 15 (Friday) and 16 (Saturday). At present, fostering innovative human resources who can respond to rapid changes in industrial structures and social environments is becoming an urgent issue for universities. Furthermore, with regard to engineering education, as the IoT evolves, there has been demand for the formation of a new education model that straddles multiple disciplines. Against this background, six presenters, Masaaki Oka, the president of Yamaguchi University, Euigyun Na, the president of Kunsan National University (South Korea), Hongbin Xu, the president of Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences (China), Yuji Oie, the president of the Kyushu Institute of Technology, Taegu Kim, the PRIME Project Dean of Inje University (South Korea), and Qingkai Han, professor at the Dalian University of Technology (China), gave presentations at the presidents' meeting. Many students and faculty members who participated in CEDC and ICIARE attended the meeting, and for people involved in universities in Japan, China and South Korea, the presidents' meeting was an extremely meaningful opportunity to enhance the university education of the future.
 In order to foster human resources who will play active roles not only in Japan but also overseas, Yamaguchi University will continue to promote the active exchange of information with universities abroad.



                The meeting                                        One of the presentations

Affiliated University Presenter  Presentation Title 
Yamaguchi University President Masaaki Oka What is it Yamaguchi University?

Kunsan National University(South Korea)

President Euigyun Na Educational Innovation Programs in KNU
Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences (China) President Hongbin Xu Constructing New Engineering while Integrating All Specialties
--the Exploration and Practice of CUAS
Kyushu Institute of Technology President Yuji Oie Global and Collaborative Learning for Creating, Enhancing and Sharing Value
Inje University (South Korea) Taegu Kim PRIME Project Dean Inje University PRIME Project
Dalian University of Technology (China)  Professor Qingkai Han Cooperating Innovation Makes Successful Education for Innovative Talents