The Principal Officer of the U.S. Consulate Fukuoka paid a courtesy call on the president of the university, and a special lecture on diversity was held

 On  December 12 (Tue), Joy Michiko Sakurai, the Principal Officer of the U.S. Consulate Fukuoka paid a courtesy call on Masaaki Oka, the president of the university.
  At the meeting held in the Yoshida Campus office, President Oka offered words of welcome to Principal Officer Sakurai, and she expressed her gratitude at having been given an opportunity to visit the university. At the meeting, the university's initiatives regarding studying abroad and the Faculty of Global and Science Studies (in which a one-year student exchange has been incorporated into the curriculum) were introduced and opinions were actively exchanged, with the focus on studying abroad in the U.S. in the future.

 Furthermore, on the same day at Academic Forest (General Library, 1st floor), a special lecture and seminar, "English + Study Abroad: Become a leader! - Study in the U.S.! What are multicultural conviviality and global leaders??", was given by Principal Officer Sakurai, and about 50 students and faculty members participated in the seminar, which included activities.
  This special lecture and seminar was organized as a joint event for the "6th Diversity Promotion Seminar" and "Yamaguchi University International Cooperation Association" special lecture,  held with the purposes of achieving a diversity campus and developing global leaders.
  In the lecture, Maiko Cagno, the advisor for studying abroad at the U.S. Consulate Fukuoka, talked about the meaning of studying in the U.S., the support systems for studying abroad, how to select the study abroad destination, etc. Following the lecture, there was an activity led by Principal Officer Sakurai, in which she used situation quizzes to introduce the idea that, in order to achieve the goals of work or studying abroad and achieve a work-life balance (which has been emphasized recently), it is important to set a final goal, put into practice habits and routines for achieving it, organize the necessary actions, and actually carry them out, and that it is okay if you do not do it all perfectly. The participants were deeply impressed.
  At the end, Principal Officer Sakurai concluded the seminar with a message to the participants in which she encouraged them to identify what they want to do on the basis of their own experience, and keep taking on challenges for it, even if the path is rough.

 The university is aiming to achieve a diversity campus and develop global leaders for the "Vision of Yamaguchi University Tomorrow," and is actively promoting studying abroad by Japanese students and the acceptance of foreign students. Furthermore, under the leadership of the president of the university, the university established the Diversity Promotion Office in AY 29 by organizing and integrating the Gender Equality Promotion Office and the Support Office for Female Researchers, and is actively enhancing diversity with regard to the gender, nationality, age, etc. of members, at the same time as promoting initiatives to support the provision and enhancement of work environments in which each person can fully demonstrate his/her individuality and abilities.
  In order to further promote these activities, the "International Cooperation Association" will, as a part of its activities, continue to work with the Diversity Promotion Office to promote initiatives that will contribute to reforming the awareness of students and faculty staff in order to develop global leaders.

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Courtesy call on the president of the university           Lecture by Principal Officer Sakurai