Compliance when using personal computers and smartphones

●Please install antivirus software

It is very dangerous to connect to the Internet with a computer or smartphone that does not have anti-virus software installed. Please be sure to install antivirus software.Yamaguchi University students can install anti-virus software called “F-Secure” for free.

“F-Secure” Installation site (On campus only)


●Please update the software

If you do not update the software, the risk of virus infection increases. Please update to the latest version by enabling automatic updating etc.

· If you use Windows OS, run Windows Update.

· For other software, if notification of update appears on the screen, please do not ignore it and update to the latest version.

· Please keep in mind that it can’t work against the latest virus unless anti-virus software is updated to the latest version.


●Please be aware of suspicious e-mail

If you receive a suspicious e-mail which you do not know, delete it without opening it. If you click the link described in the e-mail or open the file attached to the e-mail, there is a danger of virus infection.


●Please minimize the software to be installed

Some software that can be downloaded pretend to be valid software but download the virus. Please make sure that it is reliable software and download the minimum necessary software.


●In case you suspect that a virus may have been infected

When you suspect virus infection, such as something wrong with your PC, please immediately disconnect the network and contact the “Media and Information Technology Center”. To disconnect the network, you should unplug the LAN cable or turn off Wi-Fi.