Thailand's Agricultural Research Development Agency (ARDA) paid a courtesy visit to President Oka

On Monday, June 11, Director Panpimon Chunyanuwat and four others from the Agricultural Research Development Agency (ARDA) in Thailand, which is one of the university's international exchange agreement organizations, came to the university and paid a courtesy visit to Masaaki Oka, the president of the university.

ARDA is a public agency in Thailand that was established in 2003, with the main function of providing financial support to agricultural research projects that have potential. The university and ARDA have continued to maintain a relationship, with Professor Mamoru Yamada at the Faculty of Agriculture in the central role, since the conclusion of the international exchange agreement between universities, etc. in August 2008. The research project "Development of New Processes with Thermotolerant Microbes for Bio-refinery Including Biofuels" conducted by Professor Yamada and others at the Faculty of Agriculture was selected for the e-ASIA Joint Research Program for FY 2016. It is being conducted with support from ARDA as well as from the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), etc. This time, the ARDA staff visited the university to discuss future cooperation regarding the research project led by Professor Yamada.

In the courtesy visit to the president of the university, Director Panpimon Chunyanuwat introduced ARDA's support system and matters such as the fact that the ratios of male and female researchers are the same in Thailand. She also expressed her gratitude for the technical support from the university in the agricultural field in connection with the above-mentioned program, and said that ARDA would like to continue to provide support. As the meeting was brought to a close, ARDA and the university confirmed that they will continue productive exchange.

 It is anticipated that this visit will trigger further enhancements regarding agricultural research conducted in Thailand and at the university.



       The meeting          President Oka (left) and Director Panpimon           

                       Chunyanuwat (right)



     Commemorative photograph with all those in attendance