Japan-UK 150th Meiji Restoration Anniversary Memorial Symposium was held in the UK

On June 22 (Fri.), Yamaguchi University, University College London (UCL), Kagoshima University and the Embassy of Japan in the UK co-hosted the "Japan-UK 150th Meiji Restoration Anniversary Memorial Symposium: Cutting-edge Technologies for a Safe, Secure and Sustainable Future" at the Embassy of Japan in the UK.

In the symposium, British and Japanese researchers gave lectures on the latest research trends for achieving a safe, secure and sustainable human society, with a focus on cutting-edge space science, remote sensing, environment technologies, and disaster prevention as the key technologies.

At the opening of the symposium, Yamaguchi University's President Masaaki Oka expressed his gratitude toward the UK, UCL and Professor and Mrs. Alexander Williamson for welcoming and supporting young people from Japan, a country with a different language and culture. He also talked about his expectations for this symposium, which looks forward to the next 150 years, as it is being held in cooperation with people related to it from both the UK and Japan for this milestone, the 150th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration.

Furthermore, before the symposium, President Oka participated in a meeting at UCL held by the three presidents of the universities mentioned above. He also visited Japanese researchers in Cambridge working at the Sanger Institute, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Cancer Research UK at Cambridge University, to exchange opinions and so forth. Through these activities, he deepened relations with British educational and research organizations.

On the last day of the stay, President Oka and other staff from Yamaguchi University went to Brookwood Cemetery to visit the grave of Professor and Mrs. Alexander Williamson, and of a student from Japan whom they looked after but who regrettably passed away in the UK. The guide explained that the grave of the professor and his wife is in the same cemetery as the Japanese student’s, and from that, you can see how much they cared for the young Japanese person they taught. As they listened, the university staff were impressed again by Professor and Mrs. Williamson’s deep love for humanity.

Yamaguchi University will use the opportunities presented by this international symposium held in the UK and the exchanges with British university staff to further strengthen its relationship with the UK.



 President Oka delivering his opening           Venue of the international symposium

 speech at the international symposium 



   Visit to Brookwood Cemetery