On-campus Training for Yamaguchi University International Collaboration Office(YUICO)Staff

Over a period of five days from October 29 (Mon.) to November 2 (Fri.), staff from overseas international collaboration offices located in four countries and one region in Asia (China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia and

Thailand) were invited to Yamaguchi University to participate in on-campus training conducted for them. Mr. MaFengwei, the Deputy Director of International Students & Scholars Centre and Ms. Song Yaqiong, the Program Officer of International Affairs Office (Qingdao) visited Yamaguchi University from Shandong University (China). Shandong University was the first university that Yamaguchi University concluded an international academic exchange agreement with, in 1983. As part of the exchange, the universities have continued to run the Staff Development Training Program1  since 2008, through which staff from each university are dispatched to the other university once a year. The two staff members dispatched to Yamaguchi University this time also participated in the on-campus training as part of this training system.


A series of events titled "Study Abroad Fair" was held at Yamaguchi University during the period from October 26 (Fri.) to November 1 (Thu.). A variety of events related to the university's student exchanges and other

international exchanges were held, including briefing sessions of foreign exchange (dispatch) program and language training program and consultation meetings with students who have experienced studied abroad before. The staff training was organized during the same period of Study Abroad Fair. The purpose of the staff training this time was that overseas office staff members would be able to make the most of this opportunity and acquire knowledge required for conducting activities at their overseas offices, such as Yamaguchi University's internationalization initiatives and its actual situation. The training included campus tours of the three campuses (Yoshida, Tokiwa and Kogushi), introductions of the overseas offices by each office staff, observing Japanese language classes, presentations at the Study Abroad Fair, and so forth.


During the courtesy visit to Dr. Masaaki Oka, the President of Yamaguchi University, the overseas office staff reported on their daily activities and talked about what aspects of Japan people in their respective

countries/region are interested in. President Oka expressed his gratitude to the overseas staff with regard to the university's international cooperation activities, and asked them to actively participate in the training so that they will be able to make use of what they have learned for their future activities. He also said he hoped they would provide proposals to promote internationalization of the university.


At the end of the training, Dr. Fusanori Miura, the Vice President for international collaboration gave closing remarks. A participant who was visiting Japan for the first time expressed her gratitude, saying that it was a

meaningful training at Yamaguchi University in its rich natural surroundings. She spoke of her resolution to make use of what she had learned for her future work, and to continue to realize flourishing exchanges.

Yamaguchi University will continue to strengthen collaboration with YUICOs and partner universities, and to promote the internationalization of the university.


1The objective of the Staff Development Program between Shandong University and Yamaguchi University is that trainees learn about other universities’ management and operation methods and compare them with their own approach. And then, they make use of what they have learned to understand issues in question and improve their work regarding management and operation at their own universities. 



Courtesy visit to the president of the    Campus tour



The training                A presentation at the Study Abroad Fair