Concluding A University-Wide International Academic Exchange Agreement With Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta (Indonesia)

On October 8 (Mon.), a university-wide international academic exchange agreement was concluded between Yamaguchi University (hereafter, YU) and Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta (hereinafter, UIN). The main contents of the agreement are about technological exchange and research exchange between academic staff, and also student exchange. The signing ceremony was attended by UIN's President DeDe and Associate Professor Tomoaki Murata from Organization for Research Initiatives of YU. Associate Professor Murata has been visiting UIN for the past few years to give technical guidance to the academic staff and students there.
Established in 1957, UIN is located in the southwest area of Jakarta, Indonesia, and currently consists of 11 faculties. The university is unique in that it is not under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia, but under that of the Ministry of Religious Affairs. There are about 1,400 members of academic staff and 23,000 students at the university. It is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, and so a variety of higher education including natural sciences, humanities, economics are conducted on the basis of the teachings of Islam.
The exchange between the two universities started when YU accepted a member of UIN's academic staff as a student in 2010. Student exchange and technical guidance exchange have continued ever since. Based on this background, YU and UIN reached a consensus on concluding an international academic exchange agreement. At the signing ceremony, President Dede expressed his hope that this agreement will promote further mutual exchange between the two universities.

YU will continue to further enhance exchange with partner universities, and to promote international exchange of students and university staff.



Exterior of the building that houses the   October 2018  Commemorative photo

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences,  taken with students after a lecture

UIN                   (The person in the center in the back

                     row is Associate Professor Murata) 



October 2018  President Dede (right),

Signing Ceremony of the international

academic exchange agreement, in the

President's office at UIN