The Fifth International Joint Symposium was held with the University of Zaragoza and the New University of Lisbon.

 The Fifth International Joint Symposium by Yamaguchi University, the University of Zaragoza (Spain) and the New University of Lisbon (Portugal) was held over the course of two days on Monday, March 25 and Tuesday, March 26, 2019, at our university's Faculty of Engineering.


 This symposium has been held on a rotating basis by these three universities since the 2013 academic year. Our university’s Faculty of Engineering, the University of Zaragoza, and the New University of Lisbon have been exchanging students based on the nternational Academic Exchange Agreement, and exchanging both faculty members and students based on the EU ERASMUS+ Program. We actively promote international exchange day-to-day.


 The symposium commenced with an opening address by Vice President Fusanori Miura (who is in charge of international cooperation) and Dean of Faculty of Engineering Hiromori Tsutsumi. Cutting-edge research was presented with a focus on the following themes: “Maintenance and management of the social foundation structure,” “Development of new materials and processes for the purpose of solving issues regarding water, the environment,

and energy,” and “Progress of information processing technology.”


 Furthermore, delegates of four universities—the New University of Lisbon, University of Zaragoza, University of Cantabria, and Silpakorn University—paid a courtesy visit to our deans during their stay in Yamaguchi. It was a great opportunity to deepen relationships between each university.


 The next symposium is scheduled to be held in September 2020 at the University of Cantabria.