Associate Professor Chun and Ms. Ikeda, the international education coordinator from Kauai Community College, University of Hawaii made a visit to our University.

A visit was made on Thursday, May 16 to Friday, May 17, 2019 by Mr. Dennis Chun, Associate Professor of the Department of Hawaiian Studies and Ms. Kyoko Ikeda, the international education coordinator from Kauai Community College (KCC), University of Hawaii, with whom we made an international academic exchange agreement last year. This was the second visit for Ms. Ikeda since last July, and this time it started with a courtesy visit to Vice President Fusanori Miura (who is in charge of international cooperation). Ms. Ikeda and Associate Professor Chun also held a KCC orientation for our students and had a talk with two students of the Faculty of Global and Science Studies, who are to be dispatched to KCC as exchange students this fall.
In the talk, every question made by students was answered politely, and Associate Professor Chun gave a strong message saying, "We want you to not only work hard on studies, but to nurture your own uniqueness through your study at KCC."
During the courtesy visit, we received a word from Ms. Ikeda mentioning that while it is difficult to carry out a meaningful and substantial exchange after entering into the agreement, reliable cooperation and exchange has been possible during the course of holding talks regularly and building trust with Yamaguchi University, and that she would like to continue to cherish this relationship.
At the KCC orientation for our students, 35 students, mainly from the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Global and Science Studies, gathered and listened to Ms. Ikeda’s English explanation with enthusiasm. An introduction with fascinating pictures of Kauaii beach was offered regarding the fact that the host family’s support system is being organized by Kauaii Yamaguchi Kenjinkai, and classes are accompanied by activities beside lectures when students make a visit to KCC.
Our university is going to cooperate with partner universities abroad, and promote active student and researcher exchanges accompanied by thorough support.