One-coin breakfast was implemented in Yoshida Campus.

From Tuesday, May 7 to Friday, May 31 2019 in Yoshida Campus, the "One-coin breakfast project (10 yen, 50 yen, 100 yen)" was implemented for students who have entered the faculty this spring. During the period, a total of 6,693 people (352 people per day on average) visited Student Cafeteria 1 Bono and Student Cafeteria 2 Kirara.

 This project was held for the third time following last year, and it aims for students to improve health management and lifestyle habits by eating breakfast, in order to maintain lifestyle rhythms so they can concentrate on studies. The students who visited and used the service left comments saying, "I began to make a visit to the student cafeteria every morning and built a new habit of waking up early", "I want this project to continue", and "Breakfast was very good and was offered at a reasonable price." While many university students tend to have irregular eating habits resulting from living alone or being in an unfamiliar environment, this project successfully supported the students to keep their lifestyle rhythms and concentrate on studies by eating breakfast. This project was held with the support of the Yamaguchi University Alumni Association, the Yamaguchi University Co-op, and the School Welfare Association.