Delegates accompanied with The United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Japan made a visit to Yamaguchi University

 On Monday, July 1 2019, His Excellency Mr. Khaled Omran Sqait Sarhan Alameri, ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Japan (hereinafter Ambassador Alameri), Mr. Kamal Aliamahi, Administrative Manager, and Ms. Hakima Inoue, Ambassador Head, visited our university. Ambassador Alameri gave an introduction about the UAE to our students, and after that they had talks with President Masaaki Oka, followed by a tour to observe Yamaguchi University Hospital.
 When introducing the UAE, Ambassador Alameri mentioned the relationship between UAE and Japan.  He referred to "Diversity and Tolerance" as a keyword for the driving force of UAE's economic development, and added that nine female ministers are playing an important role in the Cabinet.  After the introduction, many questions were asked by students, and it was a great opportunity for them to gain a better understanding of the UAE.
 In the following talk with President Masaaki Oka, Advisor to the Vice President, Ikufumi Tomimoto, who is in charge of international cooperation, and Prof. Takashi Hyoudou, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, gave an introduction regarding our university's aim for creating a diverse campus which includes the provision of halal food, and installing a prayer room on campus.
 After a visit to Yoshida Campus, a tour was conducted to observe the new hospital wing in Yamaguchi University Hospital, which opened on June 24. An introduction was made by Dr. Norihiro Sugino, Director of the Hospital regarding creating an environment where patients and their family members can spend their time comfortably, including the provision of advanced medical treatments, with the facility being the only advanced treatment hospital in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Furthermore, the installment of a rooftop heliport, and an auditorium which can be used as a treatment space for emergency response was also introduced.

 After his visit to Yamaguchi Prefecture, we received kind words from Ambassador Alameri saying that his stay was very meaningful. Ambassador Alameri's visit became an extremely meaningful opportunity to introduce our approach to the UAE diplomats and to gain deeper understanding of the UAE. We will continue promoting globalization to be able to contribute to the development of exchange between both countries.