Yamaguchi University Participated in This Year's Yamaguchi Gion Festival, Shimin-So-Odori

On Wednesday, July 24, 2019, the Yamaguchi Gion Festival Shimin-So-Odori (dancing by local people) was held at Yamaguchi City Eki-dori and the main shopping arcade. This year, approximately 40 people from our university participated. Our team consisted of Vice President and Trustee Kazuhiro Tanaka, Vice President and Trustee Takamasa Fukuda, faculty members, students, international students, and others.
Yamaguchi Gion Festival is an annual celebration of Yasaka Shrine, which the Ouchi clan sacredly requested to be transferred from Kyoto in the Muromachi period. It is a traditional festival that has been held for about 600 years. In the middle of the eight day festival period, Shimin-So-Odori is held. Every year, more than 1,000 participants go around dancing with the lead of "Ouchi-no-Otonosama (Ouchi feudal lord)," Yamaguchi City's Bon festival dance music.
We practiced dancing several times at our university, and on the day of the performance, followed by our last practice session at the Faculty of Education-Affiliated Yamaguchi Kindergarten before the actual performance. During the festival, which saw a huge number of spectators, we showed off our dancing with a sense of unity and a cheerful voice, and were able to work up a good sweat. "It was very hot, but I was so happy dancing with everyone," one of the participants said.