Yamaguchi University Accepted Trainees from Da Yeh University in Taiwan

Our University accepted 18 graduate students who are teaching staff currently working at elementary/junior high/high schools from the Institute for Education Professional Development of Da Yeh University in Taiwan, with whom we have an International Academic Exchange Agreement. Training regarding Japanese education was conducted for two days from Monday, August 5, 2019 to Tuesday, August 6, 2019. The training was aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the differences between Japanese education and that of Taiwan. It was also intended to encourage trainees to apply what they have learned to their teaching career back in Taiwan. This was the third time the training was held since 2016.
On the first day, Vice President Fusanori Miura (in charge of international cooperation) gave his welcome and an encouraging greeting. This was followed by Professor Mitsuru Nakata of the Faculty of Education, who gave a lecture on Japan's ICT education. Soon after, Associate Professor Takashi Oshie of the Faculty of Education gave a lecture on Japan's measures regarding truancy problems. Then, Professor Tsukasa Sasaki of the Faculty of Education, gave a lecture on the Japanese education system. Trainees listened to the lectures attentively with sometimes giving a nod, and were very surprised at the differences between the education in Taiwan and that in Japan.
On the second day, Professor Yoshihisa Okamura of the Faculty of Education, conducted a lecture about education on manufacturing, accompanied by other lectures. A meeting with current teaching staff was also held after visiting Yamaguchi Elementary School affiliated with the Faculty of Education. At the meeting, there were questions from both sides, such as the school's educational goals to the children's daily schedule. Yoshihisa Okamura, School Principal of Yamaguchi Elementary School, concluded the meeting with a message that made participants realize that even if we live in different countries, the goal we share as teaching staff is the same.
At the end of the training, a closing ceremony was held, and Ikufumi Tomimoto (in charge of international cooperation), Advisor to the Vice President, handed a completion certificate to trainees one by one. The trainees' representative expressed gratitude for this training, mentioning trainees' ambition in which they want to make use of what they learned from the various lectures and meetings.
Yamaguchi University wishes for this training to help improve and develop educational capabilities in Taiwan, and will continue to strive toward establishing a deeper relationship with partnership universities including Da Yeh University.