International Cooperation Talk Show “Diversified career path in international cooperation and international business”

Yamaguchi Prefecture JICA Desk and Yamaguchi University co-organized online International Cooperation Talk Show “Diversified career path in international cooperation and international business”.


A Talk Show was organized on July 14th, 2021 by inviting Mr. YANAGIDA Hiroyuki, Senior Manager, Consulting Group, E-Square Inc., Ms. FUJII Masami, Senior Manager, Public Policy Office, Rakuten, Inc.,and Mr. TANAKA Kazuhiro, Program Coordinator, Overseas Division, AMDA Multisectoral & Integrated Development Services (AMDA-MINDS) as guest speakers.

These three quest speakers were actively engaged in international cooperation or international business.

Thirty-seven university students and ordinary people in Chugoku region who are very keen to work for those job in the future, participated in this event.

Guest speaker made presentations on their work and their views on their professionalism and career plan, for example, why they chose jobs in those area, what kinds of working spirits and disciplines they think much of, and the impressive stories they experienced directly through their work, and what the working are in their career life.

In the question and answer session, very active discussion was made, for example questions about a career choice in the future, qualification for getting jobs in those areas such as minimum level of academic degree.


After the talk show, various voices were received, for example,

“I am very satisfied with the event, for I could listen to their on-the-ground stories they experienced and their views which are directly linked with a job search in the future.”

“A talk on what each speaker cherish in their working is very useful.”

“I want to become a person who act directly by myself.”


There were voices of expecting discussion more on the job in the areas of international cooperation and international business among the participants. It is convinced there are a strong attentions and enthusiasm of international cooperation and international business, and this event successfully provided many young people with an opportunity of starting thinking on the way of their career life and future dreams.