Participate in the 3rd Shandong Forum -University Presidents’ Forum

 On October 9, Dr.SHINJI Masato, Vice President for International Cooperation, participated in the 3rd Shandong Forum -University Presidents’ Online Forum hosted by Shandong University in China.


The forum was held as part of the 120th anniversary of Shandong University. The presidents or vice presidents from eight partner universities of Shandong University attended and exchanged information under the theme of " Strengthening Exchange and Cooperation of Universities in East Asia amid the Profound Change unseen in a Century".
After the opening remarks by Fan Liming, President of Shandong University, each university introduced good practices in collaboration with universities and research institutes in Asian area.


Dr. SHINJI introduced the Joint Master’s Degree Program in Agricultural and Life Sciences with Kasetsart University in Thailand and the Double Degree Program in the field of the Application of Satellite Remote Sensing with Udayana University in Indonesia as a collaboration at the graduate level. In addition, he proposed the possibility of collaboration in the Humanities and Social Sciences field in East Asian area.
In the subsequent open discussion session, each university talked about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the outlook for the post- COVID-19 period from the perspectives of "International Talent Training" and "Regional Industrial Development Advanced by Scientific and Technological Innovation of Universities".
President Fan expressed interest in collaboration in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences suggested by Yamaguchi University.
At the end of Forum she cited aging society as one of common issues in East Asian area, and closed the Forum with expectations that universities located in the same area would work together to solve these issues.