President's Message

Together with Friends and Colleagues for Infinite Possibilities: Yamaguchi University

President TANIZAWA Yukio, MD, PhD 【Profile】


Yamaguchi University, composed of 9 faculties and 8 graduate schools, is the third oldest national university in Japan, tracing its roots back to Yamaguchi Kodo, a private school established in 1815. It celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2015. The local area still holds the spirit of the Meiji Restoration, and the university challenges itself to stand up in the world. These values are reflected in the university motto: “Discover it. Nourish it. Realize it. A Place of Wisdom.” The university administration works to adapt to the requirements of the times, constantly pursuing innovation as it works to develop human resources and provide education and research that will contribute to the local community as well as international society.


The commitment to progress and innovation is evident in many of the recent changes in the university. April 2015 saw the establishment of the Faculty of Global and Science Studies. This new faculty has become a force for globalization throughout the campus, and recognizing the importance of this globalization, welcomed 100 international exchange students to the faculty in October 2016. In April 2016, the Graduate School of Technology and Sciences for Innovation started with a goal of encouraging comprehensive, innovative education and research in science, engineering, and agriculture to further develop graduate education in the sciences. In December 2019, the Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine acquired an Accreditation Status of certification from the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE). The faculty is the first EAEVE accredited institution in Asia and has been committed to establishing education system that meets international standards as well as enhancing educational contents.


It is a regret that recent Covid-19 pandemic has hampered international exchanges, we hope this problem is being resolved soon.

We believe that the diversity is a source of energy for creation, and Yamaguchi University is currently working toward a campus diversity so that the every students and faculty members, including international students and researchers who gather here from around the world can have the best possible environment for their studies and researches. In April 2011 we welcomed an International Student Advisor to campus, and building on this support for our international students, we started a tutor system where other students can also help provide both personal and academic support to those studying abroad in Yamaguchi. In 2016, the university started the Yamaguchi University Fund as part of a celebration of 200 years of history. This fund has allowed for further progress in providing support for international students. We at Yamaguchi University want the students and researchers who come to study with us to think of Yamaguchi as a second home, and be truly glad that they came here, and we will continue to improve our university and support system to make this possible.


Though some might not understand the appeal of Yamaguchi University because we are not in a large urban area like Tokyo or Osaka, we are proud to provide a peaceful and safe environment, high quality education and research, and a well-rounded support system, enabling students to study to their full potential. We invite you to come pursue your dreams at Yamaguchi University. As the president of Yamaguchi University, and as an alumnus, I look forward to seeing ambitious students cooperating and creating a bright new future together.