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In April 2000, Yamaguchi University adopted "Place of Wisdom: Discover it. Nourish it. Realize it." as one of its renewed ideals and goals. Using this as an opportunity, the in-house public relations ad-hoc committee took the lead in composing a visual identity including the University logo, color, and more, to represent the university’s identity. The new logo and other aspects of our visual identity were officially embraced in January 2004. The logo incorporates a face looking ahead to the future, and the bud-like shape represents learning as it nurtures education and research, respecting individuality as it grows into the world.

University Character "Yama-Me"

University Character “Yama-Me”

Yama-Me, designed to reflect the shape and colors of the Yamaguchi University logo, is our official mascot character. The feline Yama-Me embodies the ideas of freedom, curiosity, and flexibility.

‘Yama’ comes from Yamaguchi University and ‘Me’ comes from a cat’s cry of ‘Mew.’ The ‘Me’ of the name also represents the hope that Yama-Me will embody the identity of Yamaguchi University and that all of our students will be able to say that they found themselves at Yamaguchi University.


12 November 2012
Yoshida campus, Kogushi campus, Tokiwa campus and the elementary and junior high schools of Yamaguchi University. Yama-Me loves to move freely around his many homes.
Honest and optimistic. Yama-Me is very inquisitive and can’t help looking into things that catch its interest.
Observing and discovering all kinds of new things with his magnifying glass.
Special Talents
Yama-me is very friendly and can make friends with anyone.
Prided Qualities
Full of energy and light on its feet.
Favorite food
Natsu Mikan (Japanese tangerine) (Did Yama-Me’s cheeks turn orange from eating too many tangerines?)
Yama-Me often thinks about whether its bandana is looking stylish. Yama-Me is secretly aiming for a position as a fashion icon at Yamaguchi University.
Yama-Me’s Dream
To make many friends all over the world!