Organization Structure



   Faculty Affiliated Institutes
As of May 1, 2017
Board of Directors
Management Council
Education and Research Council
Auditor Support Section
Office of Internal Audit
University Fund Office

Office of Institutional Research

Administration Bureau
Student Affairs Department
Education Support Division
Student Affairs Division
Admissions Division
Academic Research Department
Research Promotion Division
University-Industry-Public Cooperation Division
Information Management and Communication Department
Academic Information Division
Information Technology Planning Division
Strategic Planning Department
Planning and Evaluation Division
International Strategy Division
Regional Cooperation Division
General Affairs Department
General Affairs Division
Human Resources Division
Finance Department
Finance Division
Contracts Division
Facilities and Environment Department
Facilities Planning Division
Facilities, Construction and Maintenance Division
Faculty of Humanities
Administration Department
Faculty of Education
Center for Integrated Educational Research and Training
Yamaguchi Elementary School
Hikari Elementary School
Yamaguchi Junior High School
Hikari Junior High School
School for Children with Special Needs
Administration Department
Faculty of Economics
Administration Department
Faculty of Science
Administration Department
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
University Hospital
Administration Department
General Affairs Division
Management Division
Educational Affairs Division
Faculty of Engineering
Center for Design and Product Innovation
Administration Department
General Affairs and Planning Division
Planning and Administrative Office, Graduate school of Innovation and Technology Management
Financial Affairs Division
Educational Affairs Division
Faculty of Agriculture
Experimental Farm
Administration Department
Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Animal Medical Center
Administration Department
Faculty of Global and Science Studies
Administration Department
Graduate Schools
Graduate School of Humanities
Graduate School of Education
Graduate School of Economics
Graduate School of Medicine
Graduate School of Sciences and Technology for Innovation
Graduate School of East Asian Studies
Graduate School of Innovation and Technology Management
United Graduate School of Veterinary Science
Education Research Institute
Organization for University Education
Center for the Promotion of Higher Education
Admission Research Center
Student Support Center
Health Administration Center
International Student Center
Center for the Promotion of Graduate Education
Organization for Research Initiatives
Innovation Center with University-Industry-Public Coo
Intellectual Property Management and Education Center
Science Research Center
Strategic Planning and Operation Department for Research
Advanced Science and Innovational Research Center
Organization for Academic Information
University Library
Media and Infomation Technology Center
Archaeological Museum
Research Institute
Research Institute for Time Studies
University Evaluation Department
Community Future Center
Research Center for Yamaguchi Studies
Center for Teacher Education
Diversity Promotion Office
United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Tottori University