Our Vision for the Future

Yamaguchi University’s goals for the future set the focus on three major fields: education, research and social collaboration.


Education Objectives

At Yamaguchi University, students and faculty members work as one, building a collaborative learning environment.

1 Improvement of baccalaureate instruction, the foundation of university education

  • Cultivate human resources who can contribute to both the local and global communities
  • Provide baccalaureate education which cultivates excellence and problem solving abilities
  • Establish an educational environment and educational methods which can accommodate the changing
  • times

2 Expansion of unique graduate education

  • Encourage specialization and socialization in graduate education
  • Promote rich global education at the graduate level
  • Restructure graduate schools to make full use of Yamaguchi University’s uniqueness and role as a key university in the community

3 Reforming faculty organization

  • Review utilization of human resources, analyze faculty organization and reallocate faculty members

4 Reorganization of undergraduate departments and graduate schools to enable development and coexistence with society

  • Restructure the graduate schools
  • Adapt departments and graduate schools to accommodate changes and societal needs

Research Objectives

Through perfecting scholarship in specialized fields as well as comprehensive research with interdisciplinary collaboration, Yamaguchi University carries out research aimed to create new values, to solve problems, and to promote comprehensive understanding of humanity, society and nature.

1 Formation of research centers and following through with strategic plans

  • Become world leaders in research starting from our strategic core
  • Strategically form a focused research core approaches

2 Development of multi-layered intellectual capital through reinforcement of research infrastructure, collaboration and co-creation

  • Promote research diversity through continual reinforcement of research infrastructure
  • Promote research activity among young researchers, women, and international and student researchers
  • Augment research funds in order to develop multi-layered intellectual capital
  • Promote research projects through collaboration and co-creation

3 Cooperation with society to further enhance the value of research

  • Promote research related to community development and build research value
  • Increase innovation and help creators to a place where their successful ideas open the door to further innovation in the future

4 Aiming to become a university with many strengths in research

  • Strengthen research abilities and research framework in accordance with the “Yamaguchi University 2020 - Goals for a Bright a Future”
  • Evaluate and improve research activities, increasing the university’s strengths

Social Collaboration Objectives

Yamaguchi University’s actions revolve around collaboration with community and global society in various fields such as research, education, medicine, culture and economics. More specifically, the university looks to reinforce international collaboration through research, provide advanced medicine to the community, encourage lifelong learning and collaboration between industry and education, and cultivate and train human resources throughout society, from high quality teachers to competent medical professionals.
The university extensively shares its educational and research findings with society, initiates collaboration with community and global society, and contributes to social development through its role as a key university in the local area and its progress towards holding a unique niche in the Asia-Pacific region.

1 Activities responding to community expectations

  • Contribute to the educational and cultural development of the community
  • Promote research collaboration and community innovation
  • Contribute to the improvement of community medicine
  • Provide advanced veterinary medicine

2 International social collaboration

  • Promote international collaboration, cooperation and exchange through the inter-university network
  • Contribute to global society through advanced medicine

3 Establishment of a system for social collaboration and internationalization

  • Improve the social collaboration and internationalization system and its organization
  • Improve strategic publicity