Exchange Program

International students from more than 30 countries are studying at Yamaguchi University. One quarter of them are exchange students. We provide our exchange students with all levels of Japanese classes, countless ways to interact with and experience Japanese culture, and a wide variety of academic opportunities. If you are interested in an exchange program to Japan, please contact the International Student Support Office for more information.


Even if the following conditions are satisfied, admission is based on selection by Yamaguchi University and is not guaranteed. The university will attempt to place students in their faculty or graduate school of choice, but this is not always possible.
The faculty or graduate school which students enter must be consistent with the students specialty in their own universities. The Faculty of Global and Science Studies is an exception and does not require any specific specialties.
We may reassign your faculty based on your study plan and the classes that you wish to take.

Minimum language requirement

Faculties and graduate schools have Japanese language requirement or English language requirement. All students should take the Yamaguchi University Japanese Level Test at online application. If student has taken the JLPT test, we also require that student uploads the JLPT results on the online process. Higher one either the JLPT or Yamaguchi University Japanese Level Test score is taken automatically. If students have never studied Japanese, students can skip the Yamaguchi University Japanese Language Test.

Please contact the International Student Support Office for more information.

Academic Calendar

Yamaguchi University runs primarily under a semester system, and exchange students can choose to start in either the fall or spring semester based on what works best with the own university’s schedule. For more details, click here.


We provide on-campus and off-campus dormitories for exchange students. For more details, click here.