Tuition Fee & Scholarships

1. Payment of Admission Fee and Tuition

Admission Fee

Admission Fee

The admission fee is a one-time only charge applied to your first semester. This is not applicable for exchange students (special auditors).

Undergraduate Students JPY 282,000
Graduate Students JPY 282.000
Research Students JPY 84,600
Regular Auditors JPY 28,200

How to Pay

Degree students will receive instructions on how to pay the admission fees in the mail along with your admissions materials. Please pay the fees by the deadline noted in the instructions (usually around the end of the month before your enrollment). Non-degree students, including research students and regular auditors will be contacted by their faculty or graduate school with instructions on payment.

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees (Academic year 2016)

Per semester Per year
Undergraduate Students JPY 267,900 JPY 535,800
Graduate Students JPY 267,900 JPY 535,800
Research Students JPY 178,200 JPY 356,400

Period of Payment

First Semester: April 1 to May 31
Second Semester: October 1 to November 30

How to Pay

Degree students: Payment will be automatically deducted from your Japan Post Bank account
Open an account at the Japan Post Bank, and submit an automatic deduction form, which you will receive in the mail with your admissions materials, at the nearest post office.

Non-degree students: Payment can be made at a bank or post office.

*Research students may also pay on a per month basis at JPY 29,700 per month. Regular auditors who pay per subject are charged at JPY 14,800 per credit.
*If tuition fees change during your period of enrollment, you must pay tuition at the new rate.

2. Exemption from the Admission Fee and Tuition

If students are unable to pay for admission fee or for tuition fees due to unforeseen financial difficulties after entering the university, they may appeal to the university for an exemption. Students with a good academic record will be considered for half or full tuition exemption. Undergraduate students and Non-degree students, such as research students and regular auditors are not eligible to apply for an exemption.

Information Session Concerning Tuition Fee Exemption

July: Information session for second semester
January: Information session for first semester
*The date for the information session will be announced by an information board at your faculty or graduate school or Student Affairs Division.

Admission Fee Exemptions

  Exemption Student Payment
50% Admission Fee Exemption JPY 141,000 JPY 141,000
100% Admission Fee Exemption JPY 282,000 JPY 0

Tuition Exemptions

  Exemption Student Payment
50% Tuition Exemption JPY 267,900 JPY 267,900
100% Tuition Exemption JPY 535,800 JPY 0

Further Information

Yoshida Campus Student Service Section, Student Support Division TEL:083-933-5611
Kogushi Campus Education/Student Support Section, Educational Affairs Division, School of Medicine TEL:0836-22-2099
Tokiwa Campus Student Support Section, Faculty of Engineering TEL:0836-85-9011

3. Scholarships

This is a list of the major scholarships for privately financed international students. Scholarships are granted based on the student’s academic record and financial situation. Some scholarships require diplomas, and academic transcripts from your university. Your faculty or graduate school can provide you with more information on how to apply.

Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship
(Application times vary based on application method)

Graduate students

Eligibility Applicants must be less than 35 years old and currently enrolled in a graduate course or planning to enroll in a graduate course.
Amount per month Masters: JPY 144,000
Doctorate: JPY 145,000
Duration Until completion of course

Undergraduate students

Eligibility Applicants must plan to be in their fourth year of university before turning 26 years old. Applicants with majors in medical or veterinary science must plan to be in their sixth year before turning 28 years old.
Amount per month JPY 117,000
Duration 1 year

Scholarships by JASSO (Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students)
(Application period: April and October)

Undergraduate & Graduate students

Eligibility Privately financed undergraduate students
Privately financed graduate students
Privately financed research students with a bachelor degree or higher who wish to conduct research at a graduate level
Amount per month JPY 48,000
Duration 1 year/ half a year for recipients starting in October

Yamaguchi University’s Scholarships

Yamaguchi University’s Scholarship for Privately Financed International Undergraduate Students
(Application period: June)

Eligibility Privately financed undergraduate students, graduate students
Amount per month JPY 45,000
Duration 1 year
Scholarships available Up to 20 students

Scholarships by Private Foundations
*For self-financed international students (except exchange students)

Scholarship Amount
Allowance Scholarship by the Nikki Saneyoshi Scholarship Foundation 250,000 yen (once-off payment) (Provide 500,000 yen to university)
Scholarship by the Sato International Scholarship Foundation 120,000 yen per month(Undergraduate)
180,000 yen per month(Master & Doctor)
Scholarship by the Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation 100,000 yen per month(Undergraduate)
140,000 yen per month(Master & Doctor)
The Heiwa Nakajima Foundation “International Recipient of the Scholarship” 100,000 yen per month(Undergraduate)
100,000 yen per month(Master & Doctor)
Scholarship by the Kyoritu International Foundation
Scholarship of the Kyoritu Maintenance Scholarship Foundation
100,000 yen per month
60,000 yen per month

There are many other scholarships available in addition to those listed above. Information on these scholarships is posted on faculty and graduate school bulletin boards.
You can also find more information in the “Scholarships for International Students in Japan pamphlet, published by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). The pamphlet is available online from the JASSO website. Those residing in Japan can also receive a print copy by filling out the request form on their website. If you would like more than two hard copies, please consult with JASSO before submitting your request.

Study in Japan Unit, Information Services Division, Student Exchange Department
Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
2-2-1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-8630
TEL: 03-5520-6111 FAX: 03-5520-6121


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