Opening a Bank Account

We recommend that you open a bank account. Scholarships will be deposited to your bank account, and a bank account is needed for starting a cell phone contract. Residents in the International House, must open a bank account with Yamaguchi Bank to pay rent.

You will need the following documents to open your bank account:

・Personal seal (inkan) ・Passport
・Residence card or transcript of certificate of residence
*The application form for opening a bank account is available at the bank.

Which bank should I choose to open my account?

  • We recommend you to open your bank account with any branch of Yamaguchi Bank because Yamaguchi University may ask you to transfer money to Yamaguchi Bank, our main financing bank, and transaction fees between Yamaguchi Bank are lower than to other banks.
  • Tuition fees for Undergraduate and Graduate School students are deducted automatically from their Japan Post Bank Saving Account (“Yūcho”). Therefore, you are required to open an account with JP Bank. After opening an account at JP Bank, please submit an automatic deduction form, which is for the tuition fee, at the nearest post office as soon as possible. Non-degree students pay their tuition fee at the post office with a payment form.
  • • Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) scholarship students or recipients of Honors Scholarship for privately financed international students are required to open an account with JP Bank. Stipends for these scholarships will be automatically transferred into this account.

Bank Charges

(Bank charges will be deducted from the sum to be paid to you.)

  For amounts less than ¥30,000 For amounts of ¥30,000 or more
Yamaguchi branch, Yamaguchi Bank ¥0 ¥0
Other branches, Yamaguchi Bank
Momiji Bank, Kitakyushu Bank
¥108 ¥324
Banks not listed above ¥540 ¥756


You must have an individual bank account. Scholarship funds and various allowances cannot be transferred into someone else’s bank account or into joint bank accounts.