Temporarily Leaving Japan: Re-Entry Permit

Application for Re-Entry Permit

New Information in regarding of ED card

If you will be returning to Japan within 1 year of your departure (or, if your period of residence expires in less than a year, before it expires), you do not have to go to the Immigration Bureau to receive permission for re-entry. Instead you can receive a “Special Re-Entry Permit.” Before passing through immigration at the airport, fill out a re-entry ED card. You must check the box for “Departure with Special Re-entry Permission,” which you will then give to immigration.


  • If you do not re-enter within the given period for the Special Re-Entry Permit, you will lose the resident status you had before you left the country. You cannot extend the given period of re-entry from outside the country.
  • If you have not received a residence card, when leaving the country you must present your passport where it is written “Residence Card will be issued later.”
  • If there is a possibility that you will not be re-entering the country for over a year, you will have to get a “Re-Entry Permit” from the Immigration Bureau before leaving the country.
  • If you are temporarily leaving Japan, you must contact your assigned professor and the person in charge of international students in your faculty or graduate school to receive this form and turn in an Application for Temporary Absence from Japan at least 10 days prior to your departure. In addition, if you are staying in the International House or YU International Share House, you need to submit a Notice of Absence to each Office.