Four Reasons to Choose Yamaguchi University

Endless Opportunities,No Limitations

Of the many reasons to come to Yamaguchi University, we have picked four that were especially influential for our international students and researchers. These four points are a big part of what makes Yamaguchi University such an exciting and wonderful place.

1. An Attractive Destination, The Ultimate Environment for Study

Yamaguchi Prefecture is located on the western edge of Honshu Island and surrounded on three sides by the ocean. It is blessed with beautiful nature, cities and towns with a long history, a rich culture and a variety of sightseeing spots. Since old times, Yamaguchi Prefecture has been a major point of commerce as the gateway to China. Thanks to such a favorable environment, Yamaguchi Prefecture abounds in historical and cultural heritage and is known as the country’s ‘Western Capital,’ playing a major role in the culture, industry and history of Japan.
Although Yamaguchi University may not provide bustling city life like in Tokyo or Osaka, we do provide high quality education and the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research, all in a peaceful and safe environment. This safety is reflected in many ways, from the large numbers of backup centers for governmental organizations that are invited to Yamaguchi due to relative lack of earthquakes, to the interest that our current students and alumni have in preserving and supporting the peaceful environment that they treasure.

2. An Innovative Institution and International Leader

We have adapted to the requirements of the times and continue challenging ourselves to provide new value to the local community and to international society. For instance, we established the Faculty of Global and Science Studies in April 2015 to foster the next generation of global leaders. Furthermore, the Graduate School of Technology and Sciences for Innovation was established in April 2016 as we work to further develop science education.
As a core educational field, we have focused on providing students with appropriate knowledge about intellectual property rights. This endeavor stems from the need for human resources who understand the importance of protecting intellectual property rights in this time of information overload.

3. Generous Support Provided for International Students and Foreign Researchers

Currently, Yamaguchi University is working to create a more diverse campus to provide an excellent environment with no inconveniences for international students and foreign researchers. We are cooperating with many organizations, including the International Student Advisors, professors from the International Student Center, staff from the International Student Support Office and tutors. Adding to our variety of scholarships for international students, we started the Yamaguchi University Fund as part of the commemoration of 200 years of history. In addition, we opened a new dormitory for exchange students called ‘YU International Share House’ in July 2016 and increased our overall capacity for international students. Most recently, we set up a 24-hour call center available in Japanese, English and Chinese that operates around the clock to secure students’ safety and well-being. We are always searching for more ways to improve campus diversity.

4. Well-Developed Career and Vocational Education

Yamaguchi University puts an emphasis on career and vocational education. In our liberal core subjects, there are two career and vocational education courses: ‘A place of wisdom’ for freshman and ‘Career education’ for third year students. In the ‘A Place of Wisdom’ class, students listen to lectures by eminent people from many fields and think about how to launch their career. When they take ‘Career Education’ two years later, they prepare for their job search, learning from alumni who have gone through the job hunt experience and people who are active in society. We also have unique lectures on the business culture of Japanese companies specifically designed for international students. These lectures provide international students interested in working in Japan with an understanding of Japanese companies’ culture and recruitment system. Many of our alumni have gotten offers from Japanese companies and continued on successfully to work in Japan.