Student Perspectives

You can concentrate on your studies in a peaceful environment

4th year, Faculty of Engineering

For someone who loves peace and nature like me, Yamaguchi is a great choice. A year ago, when I first came here, I absolutely fell in love with this place. The scenery here is very mesmerising. Compared to the big and busy cities, I found that a peaceful place like Yamaguchi is a better place to concentrate on your studies. Although Yamaguchi is a bit rural, the university’s facilities are attractively maintained, especially the library. For a Muslim with a hijab like me, before coming to Japan, I often worried about many things such as ‘How will I get along with the Japanese people?’ ‘Will it be difficult to find edible food for me?’ ‘Will I understand what the professor says?’ However, everything turned out well. I made a lot of kind friends who I can rely on. The teachers here are very understanding and kind. Also, it is not that hard for a Muslim to find halal food here. For these reasons, I can proudly say that I have no regrets choosing to study at Yamaguchi University.

I am truly happy to do my PhD at Yamaguchi University

4th year, United Graduate School of Veterinary Science

I came to Yamaguchi 2 years ago when cherry blossoms were in bloom, and it was the most beautiful time. It was my first impression of Japan. After 2 years staying here, I realized that not only nature, but also Yamaguchi and Japanese residents are very nice. During my first semester in university, I communicated with professors and friends in English, but daily life outside the campus was not like that. I had some difficulties because of my Japanese ability, but fortunately, I have been receiving a lot of kind support from my dear supervisor, Professor Dr. Takeshige OTOI, from the International Student Support Center’s staff, Yamaguchi city officers, the Kaze-no Kai group for international students in Yamaguchi prefecture, and especially a local family. I am now able to get used to and enjoy this beautiful time of my life. Yamaguchi is a peaceful and safe city. Here, I can focus on my studying and research as well as discover valuable Japanese culture. Yamaguchi University is outstanding because of its excellent professors and model research facilities. I am truly happy to do my PhD in such an amazing environment.

Yamaguchi is in the country, but is not boring

4th year, Doctoral Course, Pathological and Preventive Veterinary Science, United Graduate School of Veterinary Science
Yussaira Castillo
 Dominican Republic

I came from the Dominican Republic to Yamaguchi University in April of 2012 pursuing my dream of getting a PhD in Veterinary Science. Now, I’m doing research on non-conventional treatments for intracellular bacterial infections at the Public Health and Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Laboratory. My first impression of the campus was: this is big; my impression after going around the town: I’ll die of boredom here! But my life took a 180 degree turn when I started to meet so many different people and cultures through my Japanese classes. I’m really happy with my decision because the university’s staff organizes lots of activities to introduce Japanese culture and history to us; I truly think that the professors in Yamaguchi University are the nicest people in Japan. Don’t be afraid of coming to Yamaguchi because it is a rural place; you will never believe the kind of experiences that a person can have here. I’m pleased to say that I’m never bored. I can say that Yamaguchi is a place to make friends, and develop people’s potential and self-confidence. If I had to choose again, I would definitely make the same choice.

You can find “Miyabi” in Yamaguchi that preserves historical sites

3rd year, Graduate School of East Asian Studies

I came to Yamaguchi University, for further study from Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China in September, 2013. I have studied a character called Miyasudokoro in Genji Monogatari in Professor Morino’s Office. During my high school years, I read Koizumi Yakumo’s Kaidan. The fine and smooth descriptions make the ghosts in ancient times more vivid. Kaidan developed my interests in Japanese spectral culture; Miyasudokoro, who has been representative of this culture for hundreds of years is even more interesting to me. Yamaguchi is an absolutely beautiful and quiet city and has another name: ‘The Other Kyoto’. It’s a good place for finding Miyabi, or traditional Japanese elegance, as well. Yamaguchi Universityis covered by an intellectual atmosphere, which makes it a gift for me. It provides a stage for me to make my dreams come true. I feel so lucky because I can get closer to my dreams and make many friends with lots of students from the whole world. Because of the help coming from my present teachers and classmates, I can feel the kindness of Japanese directly.